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Fiber cleaning Kit (B-1)


Items icluded:

1. Cleaning Cassettes (Fiber Cleaner)-------1piece
●  Connector cleaned: SC, SC2, FC, ST, DIN, D4 MU, LC, MT
●  More than 500 times/cartridge
●  Size: 125mm (Width) X 70mm (Height) X 29mm (Thickness)
●  Environment Operation Temperature -20°C to 50°C
●  Humidity 20% to 80%R.H.
●  Preservation Temperature -20°C to 60°C

2. Replacement Reel-----------1set

3. Cleaning IPA wipes-------10pcs

Wipers are pre-wetted with accurately measured volumes of high purity IPA Alcohol. They adopted the unique lightweight package for ease of use in Cleanroom production environment and meeting with various industrial demands.                                                                
●Pull apart the Seal inside the top Lid                                                                                                       
●Pull up the pre-wetted wipes inside

4. Clean air-------1bottle
Height-pressure Gas , Easy to clean surface of Fiber Connector, PCB or Equipment                                     
●Cubage: 200ml                                                                 
●Size:  ø 65mm    Height 176mm                                                   
●100% ozone friendly                                                                                      
●Pure compressed gas                                                                                                                                        
●Zero residue

5. Stick Type Connector Cleaner:
●Type φ2.5mm -------------10pcs
●Type φ1.25mm ------------10pcs
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