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Bench type 0-95% brix refractometer TDR095C


The table digital refractometer TDR095C is the top model of the digital refractometer from SinoTech.With large measurement range, high accuracy and stability of testing, it is pride to us.

* Especially, it has great function in testing, the model comes RS323 port, we can easy save the testing data in the PC and print the data when it is needed. It is an excellent refractometer which allows direct reading of refractive index, Brix solution and temperature.

* The instrument can include 5 different scales simultaneity.We can add the scales according to the customers requires without any cost!

- Model:TDR095C
- Measure Range: 0.0--95.0%Brix
- REFRACTIVE INDEX 1.3330--1.5318
- Resolution: BRIX 0.1
- Accuracy: BRIX ±0.1%
- Temperature: 0°C-40°C 0.1 ±1

32°F-104°C 0.1 ±2
-(Automatic Temperature Compensation)

Product specification:
-Form: potable - LAB
-Work temperature:10°C-40°C
-Storage temperature:0°C-50°C
-Prism Plate: stainless steel
-Seal: Water proof design
-Battery Cabin: Water proof design
-Packing and Labeling: No label or symbol, general cardboard
-Design specification:
-Power supply :
1.Dry battery: 9V battery, at least 3000 measure times per battery
2. AC Adaptor:9VDC power adaptor
-Light source: Red LED
-Scale (default): Brix
-Temperature unit: centigrade & Fahrenheit
-Auto temperature compensation: open status
-Temperature compensation range: 5-40°C
-Computer outlet: RS232 serial port

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