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Wine Wort RSG-100ATC
Measuring Range: 0-32%Brix; SG: 1.000-1.130
Minimum Division: 0.2%Brix; 0.001sg
package:35pcs per carton
carton size:55*28*25
gross weight:12kg
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salinity refractometer RHS-10ATC
Salinity: 0-10%,Refractive Index: 1.000-1.070
Salinity: 0.1%,Refractive Index: 0.001
(ATC) Range:10°C-30°C
package:35pcs per carton
carton size:55*28*25
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Antifreeze refractometer RHA-503ATC
Measuring Range: Ethylene Glycol: -50°C-0°C
Propylene Glycol: -50°C-0°C
Cleaning Fluids: -40°C-0°C
Battery Fluids: 1.100-1.400sg
equipped with °C unit system
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Wine Refractometer RHW-25BrixATC
Measuring Range: 0-25%Vol , 0-40%Brix
Minimum Division: 0.2%Vol , 0.2%Brix
Accuracy: ±0.2%Vol , ±0.2%Brix
(ATC) Range: 10°C - 30°C
package:35pcs per carton
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0-10% brix refractometer P-RHB-10ATC
Material: ABS plastic
Color: Black or blue
Warranty: 12Months
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Measuring Range: 0-18% Brix
Minimum Division: 0.10% Brix
Accuracy: ±0.1%
ATCRange: 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F)
Package:35pcs per carton
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New Product 3 in 1 Wine alcohol refractometer RHW-25DATC
Measuring Range:
3 in 1 type
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Measuring Range: 0-10% Brix
Minimum Division: 0.1% Brix
Accuracy: ±0.10%
ATCCompensationRange: 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F)
Length: 200mm
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