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Ultrasonic Cleaner CD-7820A
Ultrasonic Frequency:42,000 Hz
Stainless Steel SUS303
Tank Capacity:750 ml
AC 220 ~ 240V, 50 / 60 Hz
Size:236 x 205 x 170 mm
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Gem Microscope SST-M29GEM
Working distance: 99mm
visual distance: 55-75mm
adjusting the diopter: ±5
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Gem Microscope
Stereo zoom optics
Zoom range: 10-80X(120X)
Working distance: 90mm
visual distance: 55-75mm
adjusting the diopter: ±5
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Gem refractometer RGM-700 w
built-in light source w/index oil
Natural calcite dichroscope
Grating spectroscope
10X professional loupe
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Chelsea filter
Bench polariscope w/ gemstone clip
Natural calcite dichroscope
hand held spectroscope
10X professional loupe
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Hand held polariscope
Dark field loupe
Ruby filter
Chelsea filter
Professional 20X loupe
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Hearts and Arrows Scope GIHS-1
Hearts and Arrows Scope, ha loupe,
HA Scope, Loupes
Scopes.ha scopes,ha viewer
diamond viewer
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Gem Illumination Loupe GM1021I-P
10X loupe‘s convenient use.
10X loupe chromatism21mm lens
Power: 3pcs button battery
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