RI Test Range:1.30 to 2.99RI
Power Input: 9V Battery
Work Tempreature: 25-28oC
Quartz: 1.544-1.558RI
Topaz: 1.63-1.64RI
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The Digital Gem Refractometer GDR800 is a nice optical instrument which will give a reading of the refractive index of a clean, flat, well-polished facet to reproducibility of 0.007RI index units. With covering the full range from 1.30 to 2.99RI, It is an ideal instrument to identify the gem stones. The importance is that it can test the gem stones without requiring ANY messy, damaging contact oil.

-RI Test Range:1.30 to 2.99RI
-Power Input: 9V Battery
-Work Tempreature: 25-28oC

*Refractive Index of Some Gemstone

-Quartz: 1.544-1.558RI

-Topaz: 1.63-1.64RI

-Ruby: 1.74-1.78RI

-Cubic Zirconia : 2.15-2.18RI

-Diamond: 2.37-2.46RI

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